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Double Mat Black Top Mat at 14" 17" Opening 11" x 14" White Mat on Bottom with a 8" x 10" Opening, Digital Image is 7" x 9"

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Earthly Patches

New Lines

Triangles of Designs

Seasonal Bliss

Antique Shapes

Checkerboard Plus

Waterfall Rainbow

A Little Cat

Floating Gold

Kitten In A Box


Floral Glow

Fine Line Beigh

Square On The View

Bricks Behind Squares

African Cloth

Orient In Pink


Rainbow Flowers


Rainbow Floater


African Corel

Old School Stripes

Seasonal Tree

Colorful Star Back

Pearls Around

Abstract History

Some Bubbles

The Lines

Swimmers Connect

Rainbow Abstract

Thru The Stripes

Cats And Flowers

Shattered Pieces


Twist N Dot

New Dada

Wavy Bricks

Digital Shapes

Metallic Shapes


Cat On The Wall

Flower Pot Reverse

Hdden Treasures


Checkerboard Game Style

Designing Wonders


Design In Space

The Candy Tree


Colorful Swirls

Fancy Curves

American Celebration

The Exes

Red Cow


Different Shapes

Checkerboard Madness Plus

Cascade Triangles

The Cat Blue and Green

Hidden Beauty

When Doves Fly

Cat In Checkerboard

Floral Glow New


Puzzled In Fushia

Touch Of American Gold

Flowers In Autumn

The Heart Of Abstract

Mystery of Life

The Hidden

Hidden Deco Dark

A Mess

Wire Connections

Ever Art


Little Pearls

Behind the Scene

Freedom Express

American Abstract

Knitted Squares Originals

New Fashion Girl

Ab Scraps In The Wind

It Is Tossing

Golden Stripes

Rainbow Rocks

Bold Abstract Red

Flowers On Checkerboard Blue

Putting Strings

Old School Swirl

America On The Square

The Little Man

Blue Mirror

Collage of Shapes

Leaves of Color

Green Bricks Behind

Theatrical Faces

Icy Wall

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