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I want to share a bit of the beginnings of our company DECO-MARK LLC. I started this company without a background in business. I did not

knew nothing about running a business. Grammar was also a major challenge to me as demo in the previous sentences. I had a drive

that would not cease. I have a vision to make our company what it is today. I went through many obstacles while building DECO-MARK LLC. I

had people laugh and attempt to tell me why I should quit building DECO-MARK LLC. Well, today there are many jobs and businesses that

benefited from DECO-MARK LLC. As a researcher, I would spend countless hours seeking answers to how I can continually grow and

improve DECO-MARK LLC. I would surf the internet, read books and talk with other people about DECO-MARK LLC. I believe the best thing to do

when I make a mistake is to learn from it. A mistake is a learning opportunity, not an out to give up. I was running this as a one-person

operation. I have a passion for creating images and music. This is the bases of how I began to build DECO-MARK LLC. As a performer,

comedy is my favor form of entertainment. I love to tell jokes, do characters voices and accents to bring joy to others with humor. To me,

the outcome in life is how strong you are when you at your weakest point in life. I was homeless for about three years while I was building

DECO-MARK LLC. This was my weakest point in life. I had a vision to build an upscale business. I spend countless nights sleeping on a park

benches. I shared this story, because I want you to know you can build your company to a great business. Accommodated with roaches,

I finally got an apartment. Small beginnings are not the outcome unless you give up. This is a screen shot of the gallery on the first

website built by our company.


I was a bit confused but I kept on going. Since then, I have built other sites. I felt awkward then and now I love to build websites. I am

confident in my skills and I have learned to be creative. Building DECO-MARK LLC has built my confidence and belief in self. I say without

holding my head down, I proudly say I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know without Christ in my life as priority, I know

DECO-MARK LLC be nonexistence today. I am happy to say, DECO-MARK LLC is developing ways others can join in and earn income. In the

beginning of my journey to building DECO-MARK LLC, I struggled as a single mom building DECO-MARK LLC. I left an abusive husband to make

it on my own and raised my beautiful daughter. My first set of business cards was made by typing on card stock paper on a typewriter. I

carefully cut them. Well, it was not the best-looking business card. I still used them until I could get something better. I started selling

"homeless" papers. I did this for about 5 years. I would take some of the money I made and reinvest back into DECO-MARK LLC to make it

better. As a researcher, I found companies that can mass product my art and even print my images on usable items. As a result, I am a

confident woman who is very excited about DECO-MARK LLC. Today, I am married and my daughter is now an adult

with children of her own. Yes, I am a grandmother and as you can see, my photo on the home page, this is how I look now. God is good. I

firmly believe in the theme pay it forward. I got through tough times and I desire to help as many people as possible to get though their

tough times. My husband and I live in a beautiful house and drive garage parked cars. The homeless nights and cock roach apartments

are a thing of the past. I am the founder of DECO-MARK LLC and with my husband's support, I am thankful every day to God for showing me

how to build DECO-MARK LLC. Yes, even today, I will continue along with team members, will seek ways to improve DECO-MARK LLC. On our

contact page, I welcome feedback. I want your experience with DECO-MARK to be great. I thank my Lord and savior Jesus so much.


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