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Artist's Bio

She was born in Chicago and reared in a Christian home. She accept the Lord at the age of 5. Her mom is

a cat lover and her late father is a self taught artist. She developed her love for cats and art at an early age.

She began teaching herself art at the age of 10. She was involved in music and theater shortly after exploring

art. She wrote poems and memorized large portions of bible verses. At the age of sixteen, she was called

into the ministry. She was overwhelmed, yet she spend twenty one years prepering for what she as develop

to today.

She has experience some trials and victory in her life. She despite of her numerous dissappointments, pressed

forward and fought off the fealing of self pitty. She overcame being married to a very abusive husband, military

trama and homelessness just to name a few. She has a positive outlook on life and discovered that comedy is

great medicine for array of ailments. She overcame deep depression though comedy. Now, she will from time

to time perform as a stand up comedian to pay if forward with her vocal variation humor. She is know as someone

who can "throw" her voice all kinds of ways to create humor. She is currently marrige to her second husband and a

mother of one beuatiful daughter and 4 super cut grandchildren. Through an array of art form Ministry Cheryl Turner is

truly an artist.

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